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Couples sessions are my absolute favorite. Whether we're celebrating a milestone like an engagement or pregnancy or just because ya'll are in love, I'm here for it. I love to keep my couples sessions laid-back and fun. There's a lot of smoochin' and belly laughin' involved! I like to elevate my couples sessions from "sit and smile" to a rad experience. Consider a couples session as a kick ass date with me being your personal paparazzi and new favorite third wheel.  

These sessions are for all types of loves + lovers.

60 minutes - digital gallery with edited images


weddings +


After shooting conventional weddings for years I'm switching gears and focusing on smaller intimate weddings and elopements. I will no longer be taking on weddings of 150+ guests with massive bridal parties. I prefer more intimate wedding days so I can fully capture you and your loved ones on a deeper level. I want to focus more on the love and less on the "fluff". Let's ditch the traditional massive wedding and all of the stress that comes along with it and instead plan a relaxed day celebrating the love you two have for each other. If this sounds like your jam then I'm your girl.

*Average investment $2,950

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Let's be honest - kids usually don't want to sit and smile for an hour straight, right? I don't blame them! I always aim to keep my family sessions light and fun. Let's let the kiddos run around wild + free. Let's let them explore and maybe get a little dirty. Let's let them be kids. Sure, we'll sneak in a few smiley ones, but let's focus on the bond your family has. We'll let them run loose and then pull them in for snuggles and smooches. We'll document this season your sweet family is in so you can relive it forever.

60 minutes - digital gallery with edited images

$400 - extended family $500


60 minutes - digital gallery with edited images

Whether you need senior photos or you're just feelin' yourself and want to document the moment - everyone deserves a portrait session to make them feel good. We can grab coffee at your favorite spot, run around downtown, and catch golden hour out in nature. Just bring your favorite outfits, and we'll get those insta-worthy shots you've been dreaming about.

With the addition of having a studio space portrait sessions have expanded to also include littles! My space is perfect for first birthdays, cake smashes, mile stones... the list goes on!




I know, I know -- I said I'd never work with newborns! Since opening my studio space and having some very persistent clients who have way too much trust in me I have officially eaten my words and am offering lifestyle newborn sessions year-round in my studio. I have fallen in love with photographing sweet moments with squishy little babies. My newborn sessions are strictly lifestyle based and I am hands off. With this I mean that I will still absolutely be guiding you and having you flow through different poses and what not, but I never touch the babies myself. These are perfect for snuggling and smooching with your newest little love in a more real-life way. 

60 minutes - digital gallery with edited images




30-60 minutes - digital gallery with edited images

Grab your favorite lingerie and let me HYPE YOU UP! I absolutely love the confidence boost boudoir sessions give my clients, and I'm SO excited to be able to provide them year round for you all in my studio now! I do offer both minis and full session for boudoir to fit your needs. Whether you want to do one as a gift for a significant other or to treat yourself -- boudoir is for EVERYONE! 

*I do not provide hair + makeup but I'm happy to give recs of my favorite stylists* :)

$400FULL / $275 MINI

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